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Blank Page: Our Drinks


Bourbon Spiced Popcorn & Nuts____________________________________$11
almonds, cashews, pecans and popcorn coated in our bourbon spice mix

Smokehouse Board ______________________________________________$25
Bellarine Smokehouse Barramundi and Wild Salmon Paté,
pickled vegetables, Ket Baker baguette and local Manzanilla Grove olives

Warm Garlic Bread _______________________________________________$15
local olives, seasonal dips and Lard Ass garlic butter

Vegan Warm Bread And Cheese____________________________________$16
Yay! marinated vegan feta with rosemary, seasonal dips and garlic

Marinated Olives __________________________________________________________$12
Ket Baker baguette thin sliced

Baked Brie____________________________________________________$18.50
oven baked gooey brie, onion relish, herbs, crisp bread

Potatas Bravas ________________________________________________$15.50
roasted potatoes, capsicum and tomato sauce, parmesan

Mushroom Bruschetta (4)_______________________________________$15.50
garlic roasted field mushrooms, camerlised onion, Humble Pleasures marinated goats feta, balsamic glaze and rocket

Two Cheeses ____________________________________________________$25
fruit paste, nuts, crackers and fruit

Four Cheeses____________________________________________________$45
fruit paste, nuts, crackers and fruit

Two Meats______________________________________________________$25
Manzanilla Grove olives, pickled vegetables, relish, breads and nuts

Four Meats______________________________________________________$45
Manzanilla Grove olives, pickled vegetables, relish, breads and nuts

Two Cheeses & Two Meats________________________________________$45
fruit paste, nuts, crackers, fruits, relish, olives,
pickled vegetables, breads and nuts

Three Cheeses & Three Meats______________________________________$65
fruit paste, nuts, crackers, fruits, relish, olives,
pickled vegetables, breads and nuts

The Local Platter _________________________________________________$55
Bellarine Smokehouse Wild Salmon & Barramundi Paté, two Victorian Cheeses,  Offaly Good Mussel Paté, Lard Ass butter, Local Olives, Portarlington tomatoes, homemade relish, fruits with crusty Ket Baker bread

Vegan Platter____________________________________________________$33
Yay! marinated vegan feta, seasonal dips, Offaly Good Shiitake Mushroom Paté roasted carrot, pickles, chutney, Manzanilla Grove Olives, fruit,

Italian Chicken___________________________________________________$20
Napoli, roasted free range chicken breast, thyme, Mozzarella and pesto    

Miss Piggy_______________________________________________________$21
slow cooked pulled pork, Turkish sauce, mozzarella, roasted red capsicum,
red onion and rocket

The Spicy Carnivore______________________________________________$22
Eagle Smallgoods leg ham, Borgo hot cacciatore salami, Napoli, jalapeños
caramelised onion and Mozzarella

Garlic Mushroom_________________________________________________$20
roasted garlic field mushrooms, Napoli, pine nuts, Humble Pleasures marinated goats feta, balsamic glaze and rocket

Napoli, Mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil oil and leaves      

Vegan Friendly __________________________________________________$20
zucchini, Napoli, roasted garlic field mushrooms, cherry tomatoes,
Yay! marinated vegan feta with rosemary & garlic, rocket and pine nuts

Spud Murphy____________________________________________________$21
roasted potato, Milawa blue, Mozzarella, garlic butter, red onion and rosemary

(add Borgo whole leg prosciutto- $5)

Sticky Toffee Pudding______________________________________________$11
house made with butterscotch sauce and Paradise Parlour
vanilla bean ice cream

Something Sweet To Share________________________________________$27
chocolate brownie, sticky toffee pudding with butterscotch sauce and paradise parlour vanilla bean ice cream and blood orange sorbet with
chocolate drizzled strawberrie



~20% surcharge applies to all Public Holidays
~A surcharge will be applied on all Credit and Debit Card Transactions

~Menu is seasonal and subject to change

Ashes to Ashes.
Dust to Dust.
When life gets you down,
Wine is a must!

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